Drawing room at Stradey
garden terrace at Stradey
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Stradey Castle

Stradey Castle is the home of the Mansel Lewis family. The Stradey estate, on the edge of Llanelli, has been in the family for some 200 years. The present House has remained virtually unchanged since it was built around 1850, and extended in the 1870's.

This Grade 2* heritage property is now available as an exclusive venue for a number of tailor-made events each year, most notably wedding receptions. These will take place in the elegant formal interior of Stradey, with wedding receptions then moving to a marquee adjacent to the terrace. A woodland garden, containing a large collection of trees and shrubs, frames the lovely view across the estuary to Gower and provides seclusion and privacy. 

Heritage Tours of the House, which contains a fine collection of Victorian Art, and grounds have been a regular feature since 2012. Tours are open to the public on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month between April and September and must be booked in advance. It is also possible to book a private group tour. Stradey is frequently used as a photographic and film location and will continue to be available for wedding photography.

Apart from a stunning, recently-refurbished, bedroom available for bridal couples, we do not offer overnight accommodation. However, the 4* Stradey Park Hotel is just a mile away. 

The Stradey Estate

The Stradey Estate, which began to emerge as a collection of small farms in the 1600's, takes its name from the Welsh 'Ystradau' meaning flat places or a plain. Until the late 17th century it was owned by the Vaughan family of Llandybie, who inter-married with the Mansel family of Trimsaran at that time. They held it until Mary Ann Mansel gave the whole estate to Thomas Lewis, solicitor of Llandeilo, in 1808. The Lewis family (who added the name of Mansel as an expression of acknowledgement and appreciation of Mary Ann's generosity) has owned it since then. 

The estate runs to some 1,800 acres, which comprise a number of farms and woodland, numerous cottages and town houses, and commercial properties, all of which properties - except for the woodlands - are let to tenants. Dairy farming is the main type of agriculture on the Estate; a number of farms run beef and sheep. Changing patterns of agricultural production have led to the combination of smaller farms which are now run by one family. Some of the other farms have reinterpreted their traditional way of life by diversifying into businesses compatible with farming eg market gardening, agricultural contracting and carpentry and joinery.

The family is currently engaged in raising new sources of income in the world of commercial events. Film location, wedding photography, heritage tours, government grants and fees for wedding and other celebrations are all within the frame. In adopting this new approach to fund-raising, the estate is joining the ranks of many other heritage properties and country houses whose families have re-interpreted their way of life in response to changing circumstances. 

Wedding receptions at an exclusive, secluded location with a sea view

'Your property was beautiful and I would highly recommend it to others for their wedding. We were particularly fond of the flexibility and ability to make the day unique with your venue.'