The full sized Billiard Table at Stradey Castle has now been fully restored!

Billiard table.jpg

June 2019

We were delighted to discover that the firm which made the original cushions for our Billiard table in the 1870’s, Burroughes and Watts, is still in business.  First, we sent off the cushions by courier to the Midlands company for recovering. Then a contractor arrived in June to install them, replace the pockets and re-cover the 5 slate base with new baize.  Now we have a wonderful, full size billiard table ready to use.

The Billiard Room is still being used as a storage space of paintings and etchings but we hope it will soon be cleared and redecorated so that this can become another valuable space for our guests to enjoy.  With a suitable top for the table, this room could provide an exclusive space for meetings and conferences.  As the room contains some of the best paintings in the House, by Charles William Mansel Lewis and his friend, Sir Hubert von Herkomer, the Billiard Room could be a place for a wide range of cultural as well as recreational events.

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