bridal suite
Stradey Castle exterior

Filming at Stradey 

April 2018

The House and lake area became a hive of activity during April when Warner Brothers chose us as one of their Locations for a spy drama based at the end of the 2nd World War.  It is being made for Channel 4 (with 6 episodes) and then Netflix.

It is amazing how the House and grounds can absorb the surprisingly large team of people it takes to make a film with all their equipment. There can be up to 70 crew members, in addition to a cast of (on this occasion) about 8 and on one of the days 50 additional ‘supporting actors’ were brought in who all needed to be accommodated and fed.

Tracking was laid in the fields to enable extra parking and a refectory marquee was erected on our tennis court site close to the house, with food brought in from a mobile catering service.  Other very large vehicles (eg containing the extensive wardrobe department) were accommodated just a mile away on the Festival Fields, home to the Eisteddfod when it comes to Llanelli.

Stradey has large rooms which lend themselves to a film set and the house is quiet, being well set back from the road surrounded by its own woodland and parkland and away from any flight paths. We provide the principal cast with a ‘green room’ which is a comfortable sitting room with a wood burning stove and offers a secluded space for them to change and have their hair and make up attended to.

The other great advantage of this commodious Gothic Revival house is that it is a private home; we have our flat on the first floor to retreat to.  So, there is nothing in the way of intrusion from members of the public, and we sign a confidentiality agreement.

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