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Replanting in the Stradey Woods

March 2019

The woods around the house at Stradey are gradually being replanted with young native saplings as mature trees – in this case a 200 year old Beech – come down.

In the woodland gardens at Stradey, an increasing variety of flowering plants and shrubs are being introduced to build on the impressive collection of Magnolias, Rhododendrons and Camellias planted by the late Lady Mary Mansel Lewis in the 80’s and 90’s.  The focus has been to introduce interesting trees and shrubs of summer and autumn interest ie collections of Stewartia, Hoheria, Eucryphia, Acer and Hydrangea.  Plants have been chosen for their suitability to the mild climate and acid soil that we have here.  We are able to grow plants here that are unsuitable for gardens in harsher climates, though the coastal location necessitates protection from wind.

We are a popular destination for group visits by gardening clubs and gardening enthusiasts in general.  Private tours can be arranged, or visitors are free to explore the gardens after one of our regular tours:

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