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Rhododendrons this May

May 2018

We were all kept waiting for Spring this year, but then it came in a wondrous rush and we had one of our best displays of rhododendrons this May.

Patrick’s mother, Lady Mary, loved Rhododendrons and Camellias and she would take a week off every year to go on a gardening tour dedicated to these plants in a part of the British Isles where they flourish.

Fortunately for us, we are one of a number of woodland gardens in the South and South West of Wales which enjoys such good conditions ie an acid soil, a fairly frost free climate and a setting which can provide shelter for the more tender and large leafed rhododendrons (eg the incredible Rhododendron ‘Fragrantissimum’ shown above).

Even in such harsh winters as the recent one, the Camellia flowers put on an amazing display through March and April, overlapping with the remarkable large leafed rhododendrons which are growing in great splendour and variety here. This is also the time when the many Magnolia trees are in flower.  The stunning display continues in May which is when the greatest majority of the 100+ species and hybrid Rhododendrons are in flower.

Many people make a special visit to see our lovely bluebell display in the woods surrounding the lake. We offer private Garden tours, or a combined tour of the House and Garden.  Visitors on one of our regular tours (on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month) are free to explore the gardens as well.

While the gardens at Stradey are of particular interest in Spring and early summer, we are working hard on the many borders surrounding the Terrace Garden so that they look particularly good for our forthcoming Summer weddings and other events.  There is also a drive to extend interest in the woodland gardens with the planting of many more Hydrangeas (early and late flowering), Eucryphias, Hoherias, Acers and Enkianthus to name but a few.

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