Stradey from the air

Stradey, a retrospective

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July 2019

Patrick has long wanted to record his Reflections on Stradey and his family who have occupied the present house and owned the Stradey Estate since 1808. Finally, ‘Stradey, a retrospective’ has been printed.  The booklet is available for sale at £3 per copy.  For those wanting to have a copy sent to them, please email us at to make arrangements (and payment) for a copy to be sent through the post.

Patrick grew up at Stradey at a time when the family employed a large staff (including a full-time nanny).  He started to manage the Stradey Estate in the mid ‘80’s while he and Claire raised their family near Llandeilo; they returned to live here full time in 2011.  From that time much restoration and development of the house and grounds have been achieved and now we are preparing to hand on to the next generation.  It is fairly unusual for large, heritage properties to remain occupied by the families who built them, especially in South Wales and so this is a valuable document which is likely to be of interest to many.

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